The Woodside Park House Concert series takes place near downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.  We hold about 3 concerts per year, and we seat approximately 40.  We've been hosting since 2002.  

If you're interested in performing, please email us a link to your music and videos or send us a CD - we admit we're retro and are more likely to listen carefully to your music if we get a CD. As a private venue, we cannot charge for tickets. Instead, we ask for a voluntary donation. For that reason, we cannot provide a dollar amount guarantee, although we're happy to provide you with information on the typical amount that most performers receive at our events.  Our performers play two sets, and sometimes we also have a short opening act. 

A note about us: we're parents of a tween and both of us have full-time, non-music jobs.  We organize house concerts in our, ahem, copious free time. If you email us information and do not hear back from us right away, please know it's not you, it's us. We try our best to be responsive but sometimes life gets very busy.