Q:  What is a "house concert"?

A:  A "house concert" (as we use the term) is a music concert that takes place in someone's home. It's just like going to a club or other music venue, except for being someone's house. Generally, house concerts offer an opportunity to experience music performed live in a very intimate setting, where everyone has the equivalent of a "backstage pass" to meet the artists.

Q: Why would a musician want to perform in someone's living room?  Are these just people who can't get "real" gigs?

A:  There are many reasons why talented, high-demand artists who also play commercial gigs enjoy playing house concerts.  For many, it's an excellent opportunity to perform in a space where the patrons are very attentive and usually quite appreciative.  Sometimes it's a great way for a performer to fill in an evening between other engagements in the same geographic area.  In many cases, a performer can make more from a well-attended house concert where all voluntary donations go to that performer than from a commercial booking where the house gets paid first.

Q:  Do you allow children at your house concerts?

A:  We are happy to seat teens or mature tweens in the audience, although the suggested donation amount is the same as for adults.  We have our very own tween on the premises, and kids ages 4-12 who can't sit still for a whole concert are more than welcome to join her in our basement recreation room to read, play, or watch TV (they may come listen to the music either standing or sitting on their parents' laps, content permitting).

Q: Do you make any money from these concerts?

A: No; in fact, usually it costs us money to host.  The suggested donation amount goes to directly to the artists.  We do it because we enjoy live music, because it's an opportunity to support talented artists, and because we love to sing along. We do ask guests to help participate in our potlucks if possible, which keeps our costs down.